Author Guidelines


SAJREST is welcoming the contributions related with the journal’s scope. The decisions will be made available after review within 5-7 days of receipt of the paper. All manuscripts are evaluated as either “Accepted for Publication” or “Rejected”. All the accepted articles will be available in 5 days thereafter.

Submit Manuscript Online

If you face any difficulty in submitting online please submit the details to

Peer Review Process

For all submissions to SAJREST, a prescreen process will be conducted by Editors. Some manuscripts will be declined without sending out for review, if the works reported are not sufficiently novel or important to merit publication in the journal, or of limited interest to the target audience. At least two experts in related fields will be consulted for manuscripts selected for further review. In case of inconsistent recommendations from the two referees, a third expert will be consulted. The final decision of a submitted manuscript, acceptance or rejection, lies with the Editor-in-Chief.

Manuscript Layout

Manuscripts should be typewritten in English on one side only with wide margins using single spacing throughout. Each page of the manuscript should be numbered. The front page should contain the article title, author’s name and affiliation, abstract and keywords. The abstract should not exceed 200 words and should be intelligible to general readers without recourse to the main text. A list of notation should be avoided, but new notation and departures from standard use should be explained in text.

Articles should, in general, begin with an introduction which adequately covers the literature and scope of the paper. Each section in the paper should be numbered. Each article should have, in general, a conclusion or discussion section. Any appendices should follow the Reference section.

The manuscript template in word format is can be downloaded here. (sample-sajrest)


Proper figure preparation is essential for optimum reproduction of line drawing and photograph. Figures and Tables should be placed as part of the text and should be numbered. Reprints, if needed, should be ordered as soon as the article is accepted for publication.


References should be listed at the end of the main text. All in-text citations (references) should be listed in order, that is, [1], [3,4], [6-9], etc. In the References, each citation should be written in the order of appearance in the text. The normal form of listed references is author’s initials, surname; article title; journal name (abbreviated in accordance with the World List of Scientific Periodicals, 4th edn); volume number; issue number; page numbers; year.


Manuscript submitted to this journal signifies that it has not been published previously, has not been copyrighted, is not been submitted elsewhere and the author(s) agrees that the copyright (copyright-form) for article will be transferred to the publisher upon acceptance of the article.

After Acceptance

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author’s institution or company will be approached with a kind request to pay a reasonable charge to cover part of the cost of publication. The author will receive a free copy of the journal with a CD containing his/her paper after the page charge is honored. Further offprint can be ordered at extra cost at the proof stage.

Please follow all the usual instructions to authors as detailed above. It is very important to follow the correct referencing system.